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Eyelash Aftercare

♦ Use oil-free makeup remover and a soft cloth to remove makeup, instead of cotton.

♦ Use a dry mascara wand to gently separate lashes, but avoid the based or your lash line, where the lashes are adhered.

♦ Use non-waterproof mascara on the tips of your lashes only, if you choose to use mascara.

♦ Use a blow-dryer (set on cool) angled upwards towards your eyes to blow off any lint on your lashes.

♦ Enjoy your beautiful new eyelashes.


♦ Don’t allow moisture/ oil  around the eye area for 24 hours after any eyelash extension appointment.

♦ Don’t allow direct shower water to face.

♦ Don’t allow shampoo, conditioner or cleaners near your lashes.

♦ Don’t allow direct heat to lashes(i.e. blow-dryers, oven, etc.).

♦ Don’t use oils or heavy eye creams near eye area.

♦ Don’t rub, tug or pull on the Eyelash extensions.


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